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This forum is about everything regarding my fingerstyle arrangements and tutorials. Tips, techniques, and ideas can be shared here. It's also a place to request songs!

New tutorial structure

Tutorials Posted on Mon, December 05, 2016 13:32:47

I’ve managed to include the sheet part of the tab, by letting it take up half of the bottom screen. I believe this, in addition to a close up of the left and right hand will better show the important information and finger positions / movements.

I also chose to go back to the old style where I only play the tutorial in half speed of the performance. This is due to lack of time and I also believe it’s too redundant having a 75% part. Instead, I will let the viewers (or student) use the setting cog in order to change the speed to either 0.5, 1, 1.25, 1.5 or 2 (performance tempo).

One thing I will change for the future tutorials, is after the segmented tutorial, show the tutorial in one piece, to show the transitions between the segments as well.

If I get more time in the future I will also add “slow motion” replays of extra hard parts.

Best Regards
Isac Saleh

Additional changes in tutorials

Tutorials Posted on Wed, February 24, 2016 16:24:05

As you’ve seen I’ve now started to include a close-up on my right hand to more clearly show the finger positions. The tab has again been moved to the bottom side of the frame in order to make room for the neck / left hand finger positions.

Even though I’m fairly satisfied with this set up I will keep experimenting and try to also include the notations from the tab some how.

Maybe a close up of the neck will make more room for the tab / sheet notation.

Changes in tutorial structure

Tutorials Posted on Thu, August 27, 2015 10:58:55

I’ve gotten a lot of feed back regarding how to improve my tutorials and a common request have been to have the performance in the beginning of the tutorial. This is to show new people, who still haven’t heard the performance, that the song is actually playable. Many have also complained that the tempo in the tutorials is too high to keep up.

I will also include a part of my own approach when learning a new song. This means my future tutorials will have the following structure in chronological order:

1. Performance of the song (100% tempo)
2. A tutorial divided in sections with real time tab display in the bottom of the screen
3. Each section will be performed and repeated in three different tempo’s: 50%, 75% of performance tempo.

In reality I start with approx. 50% of final performance tempo, practice through the whole song, and then increase incrementally with 10% for each day until I reach 100%. However, with my current free time limitation I simply don’t have enough time to record / edit all five tempo’s in the tutorial.