I’ve done many songs since the latest album “Game Themes Cover Mix Vol.1” and it is time to make some new albums!

As the latest album is named “Vol.1”, logically “Vol.2” should follow. I did however receive a request to separate my songs by game type and the motivation behind it was that some game music are more relatable than others, because people often play similar type of games. Too much variation in the songs could therefor include songs not relatable for some listeners.
For instance it would be more relatable to have Skyrim songs in an album together with The Witcher and Morrowind, Dragon Age music etc, than mixing it with Super Mario and Zelda themes in a etc.

So, I will make two albums, one being more “medieval” with Skyrim, The Witcher and Morrowind music, Dragon Age music (I need to figure out a cool album title), and one album being a mix of game songs with Zelda, Super Mario, Kingdom Hearts, that will be called “Game Themes Cover Mix Vol.2”

I will try to do these before the summer starts.

Hopefully they will be approved and published in June! 🙂